“Artists use lies to tell the truth.” — V for Vendetta.

As an aspiring writer and photographer, I need love storytelling. After all, its beauty comes from its particularity: how storytelling can weave into an abundance of media. It can be present in fiction novels, memoirs, photographs, letters, paintings, conversations, just to name a few.

A photograph without story is just an image. A photograph with a story is art. It’s that simple.

In this site, you will find an ample collection of true stories, fictionalised stories loosely based on real life events or people, fiction, blog-like advice of things I have learned regarding stories and writing, and my photography. All of it will be true in some way, even if it has nothing to do with real life events. Stories have to do with people, fictional or not.

And if writing fiction is lying, I am the proudest liar I know.